Task 4 - P.I. Olabarrieta

COAWST –Waves, Sediment, Surge and Structure Response Forecasting System

Team Members

University of Florida

  • Maitane Olabarrieta
  • Arthriya Subgranon
  • Steven Klepac


  • John C. Warner
  • Chris R. Sherwood
  • Christie Hegermiller
  • Tarandeep Kalra
  • Alfredo Aretxabaleta
  • Jin-Si R Over


  • Z. George Xue
  • Daoyang Bao

Fathom Science

  • Ruoying He
  • Joseph Zambon
  • Jennifer Warrillow

Team Objectives

Build and apply a forecasting system for water levels, currents, waves, sediment transport, morphological changes and impacts on infrastructure (with data assimilation and ensembles).

Provide a single daily forecast of hurricane coastal impacts beginning five days prior to landfall, for three named hurricanes per season.

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