Task 4 - P.I. Luettich

Forecasting Coastal Impacts from Tropical Cyclones using the ADCIRC Prediction System

Team Members

UNC Chapel Hill

  • Rick Luettich
  • Brian Blanton (RENCI)

University of Georgia

  • Matt Bilskie

The Water Institute of the Gulf

  • Zach Cobell

Oregon State University

  • Dan Cox

North Carolina State University

  • Casey Dietrich

Seahorse Coastal Consulting

  • Jason Fleming

University of Rhode Island

  • Isaac Ginis


  • Andre van de Westhuysen
  • Ali Abdolali

Team Objectives

ADCIRC+SWAN / ADCIRC+WW3 forecast systems with additional components of data assimilation of water level, XBeach, damage analysis, sea-state dependent surface stress

Deterministic forecasts of water level, waves, erosion and damage for tropical cyclone events in 2022-2024

Post tropical cyclone event analyses

Evaluate unstructured ADCIRC+WW3 performance

COAMPS-TC interface via AWS service MetGet

Mesh upgrades - topo/bathy, land cover

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Newest Updates

December 14, 2022

NHCI teams meet for 2022 all-hands meeting

From November 29 to December 1st, all ten NHCI teams gathered at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, for the 2022 all-hands meeting.

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