Task 4 - P.I. Nederhoff


Team Members

Deltares USA

  • Kees Nederhoff


  • Ap van Dongeren
  • Maarten van Ormondt
  • Ellen Quataert
  • Marlies van der Lugt
  • Floortje Roelvink
  • Tim Leijnse
  • Robert McCall

USGS – St. Pete

  • Davina Passeri
  • Meg Palmsten
  • Rangly Mickey

USGS – Santa Cruz

  • Sean Vitousek
  • Patrick Barnard

NRL - Stennis

  • Jay Veeramony
  • Allison Penko

IHE Delft

  • Dano Roelvink

Team Objectives

Delft3D-FM system with additional components such as XBeach, PIG-F, CoSMoS-COAST and SFINCS for the Eastern US and Gulf of Mexico.

Use a deterministic forecast and probabilistic approach for a single daily forecast of the nearshore wave, storm surge, currents, sediment transport, morphological change, breaches, flooding and structure response

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