Task 3B - P.I. Brown

Real-time and Observed Measurements of Hurricane-Induced Hydrodynamics and Flooding

Team Members

U.S. Geological Survey

  • Jenna Brown
  • Robert Mason
  • Athena Clark
  • John C. Warner
  • Bryce McClenney
  • Laura LaPolice
  • Chris Lewis

Sofar Ocean

  • Pieter Smit
  • Isabel Houghton
  • Tim Janssen


  • Ali Abdolali
  • Jamie Rhone

Team Objectives

Rapidly deploy wave and water level sensors for model validation and assimilation.

Disseminate data and metadata information in a timely manner

Develop rapid response techniques for instrument deployment​

Enhance STMP (Storm Tide Monitoring program) with real-time sensors and coordinated transects

Collect storm-tide and wave data at numerous locations within coastal areas threatened by storm and flooding impacts

Deploy 2 detailed cross-shore transects of wave and water level sensors on each side of projected hurricane landfall on U.S. Atlantic or Gulf of Mexico coast 2-3 days prior to landfall for 3 named hurricanes (2022-2024 seasons) extending to offshore observations (~20 m water depth) with moored wave buoys

Provide essential high-frequency time-series datasets to more accurately define the scope and timing of storm tide, waves, and inland flooding associated with coastal-storm landfalls

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