Task 0 - P.I. Komaromi

COAMPS-TC Deterministic, Ensemble, and Nowcast Model Support

Team Members

Naval Research Laboratory (NRL)

  • Will Komaromi
  • Jim Doyle
  • Hao Jin
  • Jon Moskaitis

Team Objectives

Run COAMPS-TC (Coupled Ocean Atmosphere Model Prediction System-Tropical Cyclone) and the 11-member ensemble at high horizontal resolution (4 km) in real time during the 2022-2024 Atlantic and East Pacific hurricane seasons.

Produce approximately 3 hindcasts per year, with accurate tropical cyclone track, size and intensity, over the course of 3 years (for 9 total) for retrospective analysis given highly accurate atmospheric reforecasts and reanalyses.

Facilitate ingestion and analysis of the COAMPS-TC fields in real time for utilization by other teams.

Variables produced will include:

  • 10-m Winds
  • Surface Relative Humidity
  • Surface Pressure
  • Surface Wind Stresses
  • 2-m Air Temperature
  • Long Wave and Short Wave Radiation at the Surface
  • Surface Latent and Sensible Heat Fluxes
  • Surface Net Radiation
  • Hourly Precipitation

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